Acupuncture & Massage

I have a frozen shoulder for which I did physical therapy for several months with minimal relief. I am seeing Eliot Sitt for acupuncture currently. After only 3 treatments in 10 days my pain was significantly reduced and my range of motion much improved. Less pain means I can do the exercises he has given me. Now after 6 months of pain I feel on the road to recovery. I highly recommend Milwaukie Acupuncture.

- D.A.

I cannot adequately thank this gifted and talented professional. Recently having had three dental implants, I was left with pain and discomfort at the injection site and numbness in the lower left jaw. Following a single treatment by Eliot, the injection site pain was eradicated and the numbness lessened considerably after a few more treatments. 

- C.M.

I highly recommend Eliot for your acupuncture needs. My husband started seeing him after two herniated discs in his neck. Eliot's expertise, practice, knowledge, and calm atmosphere provided the pain management he needed to deal with a painful health issue without the use of medication. My husband went from a skeptic of acupuncture to a full advocate of its medicinal purposes. He also went from being unable to move his head and dress himself to being fully rotational and able to hike. Eliot was kind, professional, and affordable. We highly recommend him to anyone looking for acupuncture services.

- P.C.

Eliot is a gifted Acupuncturist. He's helped me with a serious wrist tendonitis and now with a muscular/spinal issue. His Tui Na Massage technique is amazing. I highly trust and recommend him for his very effective work.

- C.A.

Tai Chi

I have studied with Eliot Sitt for two years and feel very fortunate to have found his remarkable class. One feels at once relaxed and challenged, as Eliot teaches with great patience, yet offers as much precise, demanding content as a student is ready to handle. The class has a light-hearted feel. At the same time, one feels pleased with the seemingly endless supply of new content to learn. Eliot inspires us with his depth of knowledge and elegant mastery of the form. Thanks to this class, I look forward to practicing on my own every day. The practice is both calming and energizing, and there is always something fresh to work on. This Tai Chi class offers a fine opportunity to learn and grow. I should add that Eliot does a great job of teaching a diverse group of students. There is a place for everyone here.

- Sally W.

Eliot Sitt teaches Yang style Tai Chi to people of all ages and abilities. He demonstrates the form and explains the reason for each movement. Because of his teaching, my powers of concentration and coordination have improved markedly. Eliot's infinite patience and gentle humor make each class a joyous experience.

- Anna J.